The End is a newly designed first person shooter game in a development stage. This game also talks about Shaine Raink and his military expeditions through stories.





Story Mode

There will be a story mode which involves Shaine Raink. Shaine talks about how he was an assassin at first but went to jail. His jailed reason was because of he was caught in the act. Whilst caught in the act he was bailed out within hours due to his agency highly needing him. Little did he know the overlord he kill was part of the most powerful drug cartel in the world. The overlords followers wanted revenge and stole Shaine from his dwelling in his time of rest. They disguised as Medical officers and faked a heart failure coming from him. While in their grasp they take him to an asylum in Africa where they want him to rot. Shaine isn't there for long before an ally helps him, in this case Shaine is in a room with a guard where an ally sneaks up behind the guard snapping his neck. He then lets Shaine escape where he takes a boat to Maine and from there to California. He heard the night before about a secret meeting holding place in an abandoned town he heads over there as quick as possible. While there he threatens the president which forms an alliance.

Story Places


The End contains fifteen single player levels.

  1. "Hunt And Kill" - Escape police forces and assassinate Luis Pompette.
  2. "Jailed" - Attempt the Jailhouse prison break.
  3. "Escape" - Try to escape the African Militia.
  4. "Paddling" - Paddle to Maine.
  5. "Knowing is Half" - Find out about the cartel.
  6. "Troops" - Go to the Meeting in California and get your Troops
  7. "Final Battle?" - Fight the remaining enemies at the beach and finish the story.
  8. "Extraction" - Find the whereabouts of your daughter and demand a regroup of the squad.
  9. "Revenge is Sweet" - Find the whereabouts of your daughters human trafficker and kill him.
  10. "A City Again" - Rebuild barriers with Anthony Wilson.


For the enemy see Zombies

There are multiple different game modes. Some of the game modes include Story,Travel,Survival, and Vs.

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